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The L&G Red Cord is available in high quality resistant silk in two versions:

  • 925 Silver knot
  • 18k Gold knot
The Love and Goodwill red cord is available for everyone!

  • 8 cm. for new borns and toddlers
  • 10 cm. for kids
  • 12 cm. for normal wrist (women/man)
  • 14 cm. for extra large writs
The knots are collectables pieces and fits in a thin chain of 2mm diameter. If you would like to see one of our chain options, please click here:

Jewels bag

The Love and Goodwill Red Cord

The essence of the red cord is positive energy, creating magic when we give it away to someone we love or care for.

The design of the L&G red cord symbolizes the fusion of two thoughts:


  • Gold knot
  • Silver knot

The Red Cord is presented by different old cultures around the world, its story is enchanting, take a look!

the river

The life of your red cord

The L&G red cord is waterproof and it is designed to resist daily activities. The cord has a life period of 6-9 months under normal conditions.

Replace your L&G red cord

If you want to replace your cord once the thread is worn down, you can order a new cord. Please contact us, you will receive your new cord with the instructions to assemble it.

12Knots jewellery. Replace your cord
  • 12knots jewelry card
  • red cord card


The card is a certificate of authenticity and your guarantee against any manufacturing defect or malfunction of its parts. The guarantee is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase. We advice you to keep the card that holds the red cord in case you want to make use of the guarantee.

Our logo, the knot, is included in all our pieces in order to ensure their authenticity and its quality.


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